The Wilcox Music Travel Uniform

A statement about how organized Wilcox represents itself when off campus and at other school locations.


4 Piece Travel Uniform for band


1 – Blue Jeans (nothing fancy, if you have any doubts whether a certain style appropriate then it probably isn’t) w/Black Belt (If Needed)

2 – Black Dress Shoes (black marching band shoes are viable)

3 – Black Long Dress Socks (Avoid visible logos)

4 – A black short sleeve polo shirt or a Wilcox Music Polo Shirt (Can be purchased from this LINK)


Also note that CuttyClothing also provides a few other accessories and apparel suitable for wear during Wilcox Music events (Including the recommended wind jackets)



Fall Marching Band Uniforms

As of fall 2013 we have a minimal set of school uniforms that students have used for the season to utilize for performances. Although the uniforms are in good condition they are still 10+ years old and out of stock. For the next 2014 season we will very likely need to look into purchasing new uniforms.

Any help in regards to grant writing or donations for fall marching uniforms  would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact David Phan at



Colorguard & Winterguard Uniforms

Guard uniforms vary throughout each season but range from $50-120. Please note that although we have a set of uniforms for 2014, guard  uniforms are specifically tailored to each student and must be renewed almost every season. Any donations to help purchase and maintain these uniforms are greatly appreciated!




Winter Percussion Uniforms

We were extremely lucky to have been able to work with Del Oro High School to use uniforms for the 2014 season. Special Thanks to the Dupriest family for helping with that.

Winter Percussion uniforms again are fitted to each student and we do not have a static set of clothing so these must be purchased every season. In the future we will likely be looking at $50-80 per student in addition to any of the regular percussion costs that we would love help fundraising for.




Special thanks to Starr Koga for all her help with uniforms in the 2013-2014 Fall and Winter Seasons