10/3/15 Saturday Rehearsal time change

Hello all,

I hope everybody is making plans to come next week on 10/10 to support our BGR marching performance at Cupertino! It will be one of our only local shows this fall season so please come down and enjoy.

Anyway for tomorrow’s 10/3 Saturday rehearsal we have had some conflicts with our staff schedules so we will be ending rehearsal at 5pm. A summary of the day is as follows and please make arrangements to pick up your kids at 5:10pm.


Saturday 10/3/15

8:45am arrive

9am rehearsal starts

12:30pm lunch break

1:30pm rehearsal starts

5pm rehearsal ends and we dismiss the students

I will remind the students tomorrow morning in case this email does not reach you.

Also a reminder that just because we do not have rehearsal does not mean the kids should not be practicing and thinking about their music for the weekend. We have a show in a week and there is still a lot of work to be done.


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