Welcome back to School 2015!

It’s great to see many new faces in our music program and the turnout for marching band members looks very promising this year! Although we are still in Class A division as a band we are still growing in numbers and it seems this may be the largest front ensemble/drum section we have at Wilcox in many many years.



Thank you again to all the parents that came to our meeting. For anybody that missed the meeting please go to our download area and grab all the forms. You should download and complete the following items by Friday (or Monday if you have more questions) for all marching band members: (Download link at bottom of page)

  • Marching Band Contract
  • Image Release form
  • Medical form (Try and complete as soon as possible, you might have to dig up your medical records for past TB, tetnus, and other vaccination shots) I will need this completed by all members before we can perform in any event.

Other forms that you should have on hand are the marching band calendar and booster members chart. Double check your calendars for conflicts in our rehearsal/performance schedule. Any absences must be approved in advance and will require parent to staff communication for verification. Missing/tardiness for any event without notification will result in many phone calls and searching for lost children.


Also  note that we still need a lot of parent help to be able to run our program and the most immediate needs are as follows:

  • Carpool driver signups (And trailer truck drivers)
  • Help with cleaning and adjusting marching uniforms
  • Help with a pit percussion rack construction, sound mixer donations, and over backdrop prop visual items
  • Direct dollar donations can be made by check towards “Wilcox Instrumental Music Boosters” and be collected by myself, Mr. South, or our booster president Starr Koga

Finally make sure your child has the following items as they are needed for every rehearsal/performance:

  1. Water bottle (20oz. bottles are  portable but generally are too small for a long rehearsal)
  2. Drill/dot book (small hand sized binded index cards or booklets that you will take notes on and write movement coordinates)
  3. Pencils to write drill and or adjust music parts
  4. A Lyre to hold your music while playing (marching and pep band both need these)
  5. And a black polo/collared shirt for use as a travel uniform/coordinated dress code for performances

If there are any marching related questions please go ahead and contact David Phan at bgr@wilcoxmusic.org or in last minute situations the office phone (408) 423-2418. Email is preferred and phone calls should only be used if there is any problems with rehearsal attendance.



Thanks everybody and I know this year is going to be better than ever! We will have a booster meeting on Tuesday September 1st at 6:30pm in the band room for any parent that wants to apply for a position or simply has questions about your child’s education.


-David Phan

Wilcox Marching Programs Director





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